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Cumulus Linux in Unetlab

Cumulus Linux provides a virtual appliance for testing and development. It’s free to download. The post below shows how to get Cumulus VX up and running in UNL.

How to add Cumulus VX to Unetlab

  • Follow my previous post to install Unetlab
  • Download Cumulus VX from here – Download the KVM edition

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Unetlab – Installation

During my CCIE studies I used Unetlab for all my lab activities. I found it to be extremely useful for starting up a quick lab with a few routers to work on a specific technology and also for full scale labs – running 30 devices wasn’t an issue.

The Unetlab host runs in a virtual machine or as a bare-metal server and supports IOU, Dynamips and QEMU nodes. The full list of the supported nodes is listed here. Since completing my CCIE I’ve continued to use it for multi-vendor labs, in future I’ll post about some of the other supported vendors, showing how to get their devices up and running.

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